Our Berkshire pigs are raised on kitchen scraps and foraging. We try to keep as close to their natural diet as possible with no hormones added. We breed our pigs yearly and piglets are butchered when they weigh between 200 and 300lbs. Uncured meat ranges from a whole pig, half, and specialty cuts.

A whole pig, no sausage or smoked meats $1000
Half, no sausage or smoked meats $550

Half Hog in Pounds Cut
13 Pork chops 1″ – total of 23 pork chops, 7 packs of 2 + 3 packs of 3
3 Spare Ribs
9 Hamburger/Sausage ground meat in 1 lb packages
15 Fresh Ham
8 Fresh Bacon Slab
10 Shoulder Roast
4 Butt Pork Roast
5 Stew Bones
8 Fat
75 Total pounds of cuts in the freezer

Contact us for specialty cut prices.