Custom Build

Given the land prices in the areas we have been looking at, we are considering perhaps a custom built house versus a pre-built house with land. We figured the pricing would be about the same either way, and this way we would get exactly what we want: something to support our family, live-in farmhands and B&B guests when the time comes to open the Inn.

I love the idea of having a basement and private area for guests to stay in. It is essentially 2 stories this way. I plan on turning the game room into a wine/root cellar and the theater into a very large and luxurious suit, converting the storm shelter into a huge bathroom.

I like this because the sqft is less than 4,000 so it will be less cost to build but still quite large (unlike to 10,000 sqft custom homes that are out there! Much too large).

I’m getting far too ahead of myself but I even have names for the guest suites and furniture picked out. I’m very excited for this future project and hope we can get the loans necessary to make it a reality. We are looking to be close to wine country down here in So Cal so this opens us up to a lot of tourism and lodging needs for customers.

Our farm is certainly going to be busy when all these plans pan out!

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