First Sewing Project: Quilt

When my daughter turned 8 I promised I would teach her to sew… Because that’s when I learned. So I decided to take on a very ambitious quilt project, something simple yet detailed. I chose the pattern above because of it’s design and straight seams. It fades from a pink star on a white background to a white star on a pink background and I just love how it turned out! And so does she. I helped with all the pinning and she did all the sewing herself. I couldn’t be more proud!

She is now 10 and this is a gorgeous keepsake I hope she will treasure forever.

I am the Mastermind behind Candiland and the Madam of the House. I tend to the daily functions around the homestead and am primary caregiver of the animals and produce. I am also the family caregiver, taking on the majority of the household chores and making our environment beautiful and comfortable.

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