The planning stages

Welcome to Candiland! These are the planning stages of the Homestead estate. So let’s get down to business.

We are still 18 months away from seriously buying our land but so far our standards are to find a 5+ bedroom house on a minimum of 1 acre of land. No too hard, right? So far I’ve gotten a lot of hits in the more rural areas of Riverside County. They’re within budget and we’ve been looking into different specialty loans.

We’ve been working hard to eliminate our debts and save. So far we have a decent savings but there’s still a long way to go. The most important thing will be a good home inspection and a lot of luck that the seller will be willing to negotiate with us to keep expenses low.

Our goal is to move July or August of 2020.

Our next expense will be to put up the greenhouse and get the vertical aquaponics set up as soon as possible.
Next will be to get our chickens, other fowl, and rabbits to have a supply of eggs and meat for the family dinners.
Third will be to obtain our goats to supplement the milk we will be buying from the store. This will significantly cut down the grocery expenses.
Lastly, we will get the pigs, perhaps a year from the closing date, and breed piglets for consumption.

Other expenses will be a good vet to come out and help manage the livestock with things we cannot do. We won’t be keeping any male goats due to the taint it will give the milk, but it may not be an option depending on the access we have to a local Nubian stud. I will have to do more research on the distance between a stud and doe before the milk is tainted by the male. Any tips on that would be great!

We will be using organic feed and kitchen scraps to feed our rabbits and birds. The supplement will help with the expenses of feed. I’m not yet decided on what feed to use as it is a little too soon, but I know there will be different protein ratios depending on the age and lay cycle.

We will also be growing our own alfalfa (hopefully) unless the costs outweigh the labor.

Well, I guess that is all for now! The plan is in motion and we are still on tract for leaving city life by 2020. Wish us luck!

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